care [ker]
[ME < OE caru, sorrow < IE base * ĝar-, cry out, scream > L garrulus, garrulous, Goth kara, care, Ger kar-, in karfreitag, Good Friday]
a) a troubled or burdened state of mind; worry; concern
b) a cause of such a mental state
2. close attention or careful heed [to drive with care]
3. a liking or regard (for) [to show no care for others]
4. charge; protection; custody [left in a friend's care]
5. something to watch over or attend to; a responsibility
cared, caring
1. to have objection, worry, regret, etc.; mind [do you care if I go?]
2. to feel concern or interest [to care about others]
3. to feel love or a liking (for)
4. to take charge of; look after; provide (for)
5. to wish (for); want [do you care for more pie?]
1. to feel concern about or interest in [I don't care what you did]
2. to wish or desire [do you care to eat now?]
could care less [corruption of phr. couldn't care less]
Informal feel(s) the least possible degree of interest, sympathy, etc.
have a care
to be careful: also take care
☆ in care of or care of
at the address of
☆ take care of
1. to have charge of or be responsible for; look after; attend to
2. to provide for; protect against trouble, want, etc.
SYN.- CARE suggests a weighing down of the mind, as by dread, apprehension, or great responsibility [worn out by the cares of the day ]; CONCERN suggests mental uneasiness over someone or something in which one has an affectionate interest [I feel concern for their welfare ]; SOLICITUDE implies thoughtfulness, often excessive apprehension, for the welfare, safety, or comfort of another [she stroked his head with great solicitude]; WORRY suggests mental distress or agitation over some problem [his chief worry was that he might fail ]; ANXIETY suggests an apprehensive or uneasy feeling with less mental activity than WORRY, often over some indefinite but anticipated evil [he viewed the world situation with anxiety] -ANT. UNCONCERN, INDIFFERENCE

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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